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Helping People In The Americas & It's Islands

IMPACT WITH HOPE helps all over the world in disaster situations when people are hit the worst. Often times in the areas we go to there is very little access to hygiene products, medical supplies, or even medical care for injuries and disease, this is where we come in.


IMPACT WITH HOPE is equipped to be able to help people in disasters or other dire health situations with our strategic partnerships with some of the areas best physicians, nurses, and other medical staff and volunteers. Through donations, we are able to care for those who otherwise would go without.


Medical needs are just the beginning of what we offer at IMPACT WITH HOPE. Hunger strikes all over the world especially in some of the most impoverished areas. It's in the areas IMPACT WITH HOPE has the biggest impact. Without our help, many people in these areas would not get the food they need as well.


With our Manna Meals That Matters program, we have a huge impact on those living around the world hungry. Manna Meals That Matters targets those living in poverty that are starving and provides them with a nutritious meal they may not otherwise have access to.


If you work for an organization that might be able to partner with us and help feed the hungry please fill out the contact form on this page and get in touch with us.


We would love to discuss the possibilities with you and put you on the right track for hosting your own meal packing event!

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