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Asia has the highest population resulting in more than eighty-eight countries with over ten million residents. Oppressive governments and deeply cold winters leave many orphaned, un-sheltered and unfed. 


Disaster and Relief Aid

Though tensions are high between countries and border disputes in excess, famine and shelter are often needed. Mudslides from over deforesting and difficulties to move needed supplies over rough terrain cause the majority of the issues as it is in respect to Asia's needs for Disaster and Relief Aid. IMPACT WITH HOPE dials in on this need to support the aid and those who supply it.

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Medical and Non-medical Teams

Due to Asia's massive populous and the distances between villages and Hospitals, many in Asia have never been to see a doctor and many more who not see a doctor their entire life. IMPACT WITH HOPE focuses on finding the right financing and support to get, those who are in dire need of medical attention and help, the aid they need.

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The Children's Medical Rehabilitation Program

Asia {much like Africa) has an alarming ratio of children who, because of missing vaccines and vitamins, are ill with many ailments such as growths and birth-deformities and some with chronic illnesses that need immediate attention. IMPACT WITH HOPE compassionately recognizes the need to help these children who deserve a fighting chance at a better life.

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Manna Meals That Matter

IMPACT WITH HOPE packs three different types of meals at our Manna Meals That Matter meal packing events. We offer Oatmeal, Macaroni & Cheese, and Rice Pilaf. No matter which meal your organization is packing the meal is fortified with important vitamins and minerals to help keep people healthy. These are not the same meals you find on the grocery shelves but specially formulated to provide the best nutritional value possible.

Manna Meals That Matter has fed millions of people here in Toledo and around the world thanks to the support of businesses and organizations all over the world. Help us continue to help the hungry by partnering with IMPACT WITH HOPE and our Manna Meals That Matter Program today!

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If you work for an organization that might be able to partner with us and help feed the hungry or provide services please fill out the contact form on this page and get in touch with us.


We would love to discuss the possibilities with you and put you on the right track for hosting your own meal packing event!

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