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Disaster & Relief Aid

Through our Disaster Relief Aid programs we help people all over the world that have been hit by natural disasters whether man made or natural. 


When Disaster Strikes

IMPACT WITH HOPE is one of the leading disaster relief organizations based out of Northwest Ohio. We seek to ensure that families and their communities are empowered to go from disaster aid to development. 


We recognize it is essential there is genuine cooperation among donors, governments, communities, and international organizations for disaster relief to transcend into development.


Knowing where quick, targeted aid can make a difference and being prepared to respond in a timely fashion are among the guidelines of IMPACT WITH HOPE and our partners.  Whether families are facing tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, or war, we are on the front lines of disaster, Reaching Out & Serving Others.


You can help IMPACT WITH HOPE respond to disasters whenever and where they strike by making a donation to our Disaster Relief Fund or by joining The Bucket Brigade. 

Impact With Hope

905 Farnsworth Rd, Waterville, OH 43566

Please call to schedule dropoffs: 419-482-8171

IMPACT WITH HOPE Designated Disaster Relief Drop Off Locations:

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