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Donate Assets

Asset donation is an excellent option for anyone that has something useful or that has value that they do not use anymore. Assets could be anything that we could put to use in our programs or that we could potentially sell to fund a program or need.

Asset Donations

People often are surprised to learn that there are different tax results from giving different types of property. Gifts of highly appreciated securities, for example, may be particularly favorable. If stocks have been owned more than one year, then donors can deduct not just their original cost, but also any “paper profit” present in the gift. Best of all, there are no capital gains taxes due when you give securities. Mutual funds and other types of investments offer the same advantages.

Real Estate

The tax benefits available for gifts of highly appreciated real estate are virtually identical to those for gifts of securities that have gone up in value. First, you avoid capital gains tax on your profit. Second, you receive an income tax charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the property you contribute.

Call us before … you sell investment real estate, vacation property or farm land.


Some of our friends find they have “hidden assets” that can help them in satisfying their philanthropic goals. Antiques, paintings and other “collectibles” – even patents and copyrights – can be valuable assets for giving. In many cases, the same favorable tax rules apply to these gifts that apply to securities and real estate. Please check with us on the feasibility and tax results of gifts of unusual items.


Call us before … you sell collectibles at a profit.

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