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Fundraising Guidelines

If you are doing a fundraiser for IMPACT WITH HOPE there are a few guidelines you must adhere to. We want everyone to be safe while fundraising and also have several guidelines for the use of our logo and other requirements when fundraising for us.


Guidelines For Fundraising

We thank you for raising funds to help provide aid to children, their families, and communities who are in crisis. IMPACT WITH HOPE is very grateful for your support and we ask that you read and follow the guidelines below as you plan your event. These guidelines have been developed to make this process as efficient and straightforward as possible.


IMPACT WITH HOPE (formerly known as ISOH/IMPACT) is a community based non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable organization whose mandate is devoted to ensuring a brighter future for children.


The mission of IMPACT WITH HOPE is to live the Good News of Jesus Christ by Reaching Out and Serving Others across the U.S. and around the world through mending broken bodies, feeding hungry families, responding to disasters and investing in communities.


All fundraising organizers must read and follow our established fundraising guidelines. Please make sure that your event fits the mission and image of IMPACT WITH HOPE 501(c)(3).



All fundraising is done on behalf of IMPACT WITH HOPE. Please remember that your fundraising event will not be an IMPACT WITH HOPE event, but an event to raise funds for IMPACT WITH HOPE. A suggested way of promoting your event is: “Funds raised will go to support the work of IMPACT WITH HOPE.”




• If you wish to use IMPACT WITH HOPE’s logo, please contact IMPACT WITH HOPE for approval and details.

IMPACT WITH HOPE reserves the right of approving the use of its name and logo on all event promotional material, including such things as flyers, posters, promotion on websites, etc.


Costs, Permits, and Budgets:

• Fundraising activities and events where 100% of the proceeds are donated to IMPACT WITH HOPE are usually easier to organize and manage.

• All costs, like rental space and catering, must be covered by the organizers.

• The organizers of the event are responsible for all sales tax requirements.

• The organizers of the event are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, licenses or insurance.

• The organizers agree to hold IMPACT WITH HOPE harmless from all claims and liabilities in any way related to the event.

• If planning an event that will incur costs, set a realistic budget. At a minimum, 75% of donations should go to IMPACT WITH HOPE, with costs at 25% or lower.

• If you are selling tickets to an event that includes food, entertainment or other benefits, you must calculate the Fair Market Value and communicate this to your donors.

• If you are going to hold a raffle or other gaming event such as bingo, you should check and comply with your local gaming authority about any special conditions. Payments made for raffle tickets and other gaming activities are not tax deductible.



• Utilize online social media and free local media to raise awareness for your fundraising activity.

• Organizers should confine interviews with the media to information about the fundraising event. All other matters or requests for information should be referred to IMPACT WITH HOPE at 888-349-5150.


Tracking Donations:

• Keep accurate records. Utilize IMPACT WITH HOPE‘s volunteer fundraising form to track and submit donations.



• For fundraising, IMPACT WITH HOPE accepts donations by cash, check, money order or credit card.

• All checks must be made payable to IMPACT WITH HOPE. If you would like to direct debit your bank account, please donate online.

• For security purposes, redeem cash and money orders for a bank cashier’s check prior to submitting to IMPACT WITH HOPE.

• It is recommended that you send your donation in a traceable format – registered mail, FedEx, or UPS.

• All proceeds must be submitted to IMPACT WITH HOPE’s headquarters within 30 days following the event.


Send donations to:


Community Volunteer Fundraising

905 Farnsworth Rd. Waterville, Oh 43566


Tax Receipts an Acknowledgements:

• Thank everyone who helped make your event a success, including the donors, the volunteers, and the sponsors.

• Official tax receipts are only generated by IMPACT WITH HOPE.

IMPACT WITH HOPE acknowledges gifts of $5 or more when provided with the donor’s name and complete, accurate address information.

• Donations by check will be acknowledged to the name and address on the check.

• Cash and money order donations should be redeemed for a bank cashier’s check and must be accompanied by an IMPACT WITH HOPE fundraiser form for donors to receive proper acknowledgment.

• Credit card donations may be made online or by printing and submitting our IMPACT WITH HOPE form.

• Please be aware that the following items are not tax deductible: raffles or payment for gaming-style activities, donations for goods, services or auction purchases.


Tribute Donations:

• Honor someone you love with a tribute fund to IMPACT WITH HOPE. Contact IMPACT WITH HOPE to set up a tribute fund and have letters of acknowledgement sent to the special person.


Please be aware that we are unable to:

• Endorse any events that include telemarketing, door knocking or face-to-face collections, violent or dangerous activities, the sale or promotion of tobacco products or illegal drugs.

• Share e-mail or mailing lists of donors, vendors, volunteers, staff or patients.

• Promote your event as an addition to our online event calendar.

• Provide on-site staff support for your event, however, exceptions may be made.

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