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International Hope Center

Around the world, IMPACT WITH HOPE and partners meet the critical needs of for victims of war, disaster, famine, and epidemics in some of the world’s most troubled regions.

Home for Hope

We match resources to needs, people to situations, opportunities to capabilities.  We often work with onsite ministries in times of crisis.  We collect, sort, package, ship and distribute food and grains, water, medical supplies and other commodities that families need to rebuild their lives.


IMPACT WITH HOPE  ministries have grown rapidly from 2004 – 2012, and we have outgrown our offices and warehouse space.   Currently, IMPACT WITH HOPE  is constrained by a 4,975 square foot warehouse facility in Waterville, Ohio. There is limited space for storage, sorting, packing and inventorying supplies. The area for staging shipments of relief aid is severely restricted to one forty foot container (additional shipments need to be placed outside and are subject to weather conditions). Since there are no loading docks, a forklift is utilized with manpower to shift pallets weighing from 500 to 3000 pounds per pallet from the warehouse to the containers. The pallets are then pulled by manpower with pallet jacks inside the trailer for placement. This process is physically challenging, labor-intensive and inefficient. Also, the offices for IMPACT WITH HOPE are currently located at The LightHouse in Perrysburg, Ohio. This facility was donated in 2000 to serve at-risk children and the critically ill from around the world. By transferring IMPACT WITH HOPE business offices from The LightHouse to The International Hope Center, the available space will create immediate opportunities for further development and expansion of the medical rehabilitation program.


The New 15,282 sq. foot International Hope Center will double the capacity of the current facility and will serve as the only dedicated distribution center for disaster relief aid in this community. This center will significantly increase, educate and strengthen network partners (donors, recipients & volunteers) with donated services and supplies locally, nationally and internationally. IMPACT WITH HOPE has a distinguished track record in successful outcomes and practices and is recognized as an organization that does not waste resources.

Today, IMPACT WITH HOPE is recognized as a leader in disaster relief, community education and development and also as a respected advocate for children and their families who are at risk or in crisis. IMPACT WITH HOPE  stands prepared to offer hope by Reaching Out & Serving those whose lives have been shattered. Funds are needed to build the infrastructure of IMPACT WITH HOPE and its partners by investing in the International Hope Center.

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