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Keeping Children Warm & Kozy

Around the world, IMPACT WITH HOPE and partners meet the critical needs of for victims of war, disaster, famine, and epidemics in some of the world’s most troubled regions.


Warming Kids Up

Sometimes it’s the essentials that are needed, like a warm blanket or throw, a pair of warm pajamas, underwear or socks, with a good book and a satchel to carry it all.

Get your classmates committed, your co-workers gathering, organizations interested and your family united in this effort. Help us keep our children warm this winter.

Please join with us and help provide children, toddlers through tweens with some essentials.

We are asking you to get involved with this worthwhile project. Organize your family, friends, churches, clubs and business associates to help us reach out and keep our children warm.


  • New homemade or purchased blankets or throws or sleeping blankets

  • New coats

  • Packages of new pajamas, underwear and socks

  • Age-appropriate children’s books (U.S.A.)

  • And of course, a satchel or duffle bag to carry it all

  • In addition to accepting completed satchels and/or duffle bags, we will also accept individual items.  If you don’t have a satchel and/or duffle bag, simply put the items into a gift bag or grocery bag.

Volunteers will be working hard this Fall and Winter to guarantee satchels and/or duffle bags are filled with age, gender and size appropriate items. We’ll then match a specific satchel to a specific child for distribution this December.

Here’s how YOU can help!


  • Donate one or more completed satchels filled with the requested items, or donate individual items as you are able.

  • Come up with your own ideas regarding an event and how you will collect blankets, new pajamas, packaged underwear, socks, books and satchels.  Then give us a call or drop an email to for approval.

  • Or, contact us for ideas.  We would love to share some suggestions for ways to help your efforts be a great success.

  • Make a financial gift to help ensure each child on our list gets a satchel.  A donation of just $50 will provide a complete satchel.


For more information on this worthwhile project, call our offices at 419-482-8171 and ask for our Event Coordinator.


Won’t you help us Keep Kids Kozy and Warm this winter?


Our group is small and we don’t have a great deal of money, any suggestions?
Consider coming together and filling one or two satchels.


What kind of satchel are you looking for?
A satchel can be a gym bag, small overnight bag or duffle bag, or a hand made satchel.  It needs to be age-appropriate and large enough to carry a blanket, or throw, PJ’s, underwear, socks and a book.


I want to help but really don’t have a lot of extra time.
A financial gift will help to ensure each child on our list gets a satchel.  Your donation of just $50 will cover the cost of a complete satchel or duffle bag.


This is a great project for my group. Do you have any flyers or brochures?
We’d be happy to send you flyers and brochures upon request.  Or, download and print the materials you need.  Just click on our 2-sided brochure.


How do I get the items collected to IMPACT WTH HOPE?
Completed satchels and individual items can be dropped off at our distribution center located at 905 Farnsworth Road in Waterville, Ohio. Watch the website for additional drop-off sites being added soon.


How do you locate children who need a satchel filled with warm clothes and a book?
We have a large network of volunteers, pastors, school counselors, and friends who provide us with the names of children who will benefit from this project.

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