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Donation Guidelines & Materials

Below is some helpful information regarding donations for healthcare facilities.

When evaluating donations for health care facilities, IMPACT WITH HOPE must consider the equipment’s condition, its intended use, as well as the maintenance requirements and the availability of parts and accessories. Please consider the following suggestions when donating medical items.

Donating Materials

IMPACT WITH HOPE supports hospitals in impoverished countries by providing equipment, supplies, and technical support. We operate a warehouse that transports shipments to dozens of countries each year. We have biomedical technicians and electrical engineers that refurbish donated equipment. Machinery and equipment that might be outdated in Western hospitals can be a blessing in a mission hospital if it is appropriate, functional and properly installed.

IMPACT WITH HOPE carefully evaluates potential donations to ensure that we send only good quality, useful, and appropriate equipment and supplies. Many hospitals are already filled with outdated or broken-down equipment. The last thing we want to do is send more of the same. Although we do appreciate all offers, there will be times when a donation cannot be accepted due to these evaluation standards.

Before shipping any donations, please call IMPACT WITH HOPE at (888) 349-5150 so that we can connect you with a biomedical technician.

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