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Manna Meals That Matter

Event Guide

Our event guide is your go to reference on how to plan for a meal packing event for your organization. If you are interested in hosting a meal packing event please read over this guide and contact us!

Planning An Event

Manna, Meals That Matter Food Packaging Event


A food packaging event is a cooperative effort between IMPACT WITH HOPE (IWH) Manna, Meals That Matter and a sponsor which produces dried none perishable meals to be distributed to starving people locally as well as internationally. This is accomplished by the sponsor hosting the event utilizing volunteers to convert the bulk foods into packages of six meals each and pack them in boxes suitable for shipping anywhere in the world.


In order to host an event, there are several goods and services that Outreach will provide and several that the host is expected to provide. This document will guide the host through the process from beginning to end and all the steps in between.

Planning of the Event


An initial meeting will be held between Manna, Meals That Matter and the host to explore options and understand the process. If the host decides to hold an event then the host’s leadership team (steering committee) should be identified as soon as possible. Outreach and the host steering committee will then meet and begin the planning process.


The host steering committee is responsible for determining the size of the event (see table below) and, working with the Manna, Meals That Matter Coordinator, determining the date of the event.


The first decision to be made is to determine the size of the event that the host wishes to hold. This will be measured in terms of the number of meals to be packaged. The following table shows some general guidelines for the event. The following diagram is for illustrative purposes only.


Please call Manna, Meals That Matter at 419-482-8171 to discuss your specific situation.

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