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Manna Meals That Matter

Event Guide

Our event guide is your go to reference on how to plan for a meal packing event for your organization. If you are interested in hosting a meal packing event please read over this guide and contact us!

Planning An Event

• Financial funding for the event: Unless noted differently in this agreement, Sponsor agrees to pay(IWH) Manna, Meals That Matter the sum of $.40 per meal packaged (6 meals per bag, each bag cost is $2.40), inclusive of all food, packaging, transportation, and service noted. These funds are necessary for the purchase of ingredients, packaging materials and cover the costs of transportation. Payment of funds is due to IMPACT WITH HOPE before an event with 10 percent due at the time of booking an event unless mutually agreed upon by both parties.


• Marketing and Advertising (Manna, Meals That Matter can provide templates and recommendations).




Once it has been established that a group/church/school or organization is facilitating a Manna Meals That Matter Packaging Event the following steps should be implemented.


1. A date is chosen for a Community Information Meeting

This should be publicized in the local media via newspaper, radio, and television if possible. Announcements should also be made in the school system, college, faith community, and the local service organizations. Outreach will also advertise the Community Meeting through its social media network (Facebook, Newsletter, Ee mail, website, etc.). A site for the event is chosen but must be viewed by the Outreach Event Coordinator.


2. Community Meeting

a) A contract is signed between (IWH) Manna, Meals That Matter and the facilitating group.


b) A group of two or three individuals should be named as “facilitators” of the entire event. These facilitators will give oversight to the Steering Committee making sure the committees are functioning properly and completing their assigned tasks. These individuals are responsible for giving status reports to the IWH Manna, Meals That Matter Event Coordinator and Director of Volunteers.

c) A steering committee is formed. Listed in the Event Planning Manual is a list of the committees, explanation of each committee and sign up forms for each committee.


d) A date and name is chosen for the event.


e) A weekly or bi-weekly meeting schedule should be established. Some have found a weekly meeting necessary while others have chosen to meet every other week. It is wise to meet weekly during the last 30 days prior to the event as this is the busiest time.

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