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Event Guide

Our event guide is your go to reference on how to plan for a meal packing event for your organization. If you are interested in hosting a meal packing event please read over this guide and contact us!

Planning An Event

3. Weekly/Bi-Weekly Meeting

Committees give a report, fundraising strategies are discussed and monies are turned into the treasurer.


4. General Strategies

a) At the Community Meeting handing out a copy of Outreach’s Volunteer video and brochure will help spread the word.


b) The heads of the committees for the schools, colleges and churches will want to place a copy of the video, a bag of food and a brochure at each facility. Again, getting the word out, educating the public on who Outreach is and what the packing event looks like is key to a successful event.


c) Multiple speaking engagements should be made on behalf of Outreach and the packing event. Sharing the IWH,Manna Meals That Matter video about the event to the Rotary, Lions Club, Kiwanis and other service clubs who meet weekly or monthly as well as schools, churches, colleges and every place where people gather is essential.


Holding the Event

On the actual day of the event there will be three areas of activity. The first one is the registration of all of the volunteers. The second area of activity is called the “Floor” where all of the food packaging is accomplished. This is the largest of all of the activities and is where the food packaging volunteers actually assemble the packages. The third area is called the “Back” which is where the bulk foods are initially received and from where the boxes of meals are loaded and shipped and distributed.



1. Registration

Registering of the volunteers is done by verifying the volunteers’ name and job role from a list prepared by the steering committee. This is done prior to the event. Registering the packagers involves recording all information requested by IWH Manna, Meals That Matter.

2. Volunteer Prep 

Volunteers are then directed to the next area where they will be given hair nets, aprons and hand sanitizer.


3. Staging

Volunteers are placed into groups (usually 10 people to a group) for working at a station. The groups wait for their turn to be escorted to a station on the floor to package the food.


4. Packaging

Once your bags at your table are filled and boxed, your shift is over.


5. Exit

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IMPACT WITH HOPE spends more than $0.98 out of every $1.00 directly on the people we serve. We are proud to have received Charity Navigator's trusted 3-star rating. 

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Mission Statement


IMPACT WITH HOPE's mission is to Reach Out and Serve Others by mending broken bodies, bones, and hearts, feeding hungry families, responding to disasters, and investing in communities throughout the world.

Statement of Faith


IMPACT WITH HOPE bases its ministry on the following statement of faith:

We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God. 1 Thessalonians 2:13; 2 Timothy 3:15-17.

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Core Values


The underlying principle on which IMPACT WITH HOPE operates is summarized by the following seven principles: Principle one: A holistic awareness
To promote the healthy development of a child, it is necessary to consider the child as a whole.

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