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Manna Meals That Matter

Event Guide

Our event guide is your go to reference on how to plan for a meal packing event for your organization. If you are interested in hosting a meal packing event please read over this guide and contact us!

Planning An Event

Web/Facebook/Twitter Committee – Coordinates all computer based information dissemination.


Club/Civic Group Liaison – Identify and visit various civic clubs.


Church Liaison – Identify and visit various churches throughout the community.


OUTREACH FACT SHEET IMPACT WITH HOPE (Manna, Meals That Matter) is a non-profit corporation located in Perrysburg, Ohio, USA.


That partners with Outreach in Union, Iowa. IWH/Manna, Meals That Matter food packages reverse the starvation process, help restore health, and improve a child’s mental and physical alertness. Each package provides six nutritionally complete servings to feed the starving children around the world and the hungry here at home, all for the low cost of 30 cents per serving. The team for IWH/Manna, Meals That Matter, in association with internationally recognized nutritionists developed a food formula comprised of rice, fortified soy protein, vegetables, and essential vitamins & minerals. These meals are accepted globally and have been credited with saving the lives of thousands of children and adults.

Food relief facilities have experienced a dramatic increase in food needs for children, adults, and seniors right here at home over the past few years. Outreach worked with our Packaging Associates and the Iowa State University Food Science and Human Nutrition Department to formulate two new patent pending Outreach meals intended for distribution in the United States. An All American favorite, macaroni and cheese, Oatmeal, along with a bean and rice casserole have been added to our meal options. They are both widely accepted and well liked by food banks, pantries, churches, and after school programs. Both meals are nutritionally balanced to meet recommended dietary guidelines and taste great! For only 30 cents per meal, you can make a difference in the lives of people in your very own community.

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