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Manna Meals That Matter

Event Guide

Our event guide is your go to reference on how to plan for a meal packing event for your organization. If you are interested in hosting a meal packing event please read over this guide and contact us!

Planning An Event

You may belong to a volunteer group, such as a civic organization, youth group, or church group, and have a passion for serving the needs of others. Volunteers come together to package food. For 30 cents per meal you can work to eradicate hunger and starvation in the world today. IMPACT WITH HOPE is ready to assist you in organizing a packaging event. Manna, Meals That Matter wants to succeed, we need you!



• Provides a hands on project in which any age can participate

• Gives a practical way to address local as well as international hunger

• Builds unity in a community of people

• Facilitates leadership development

• Educates people about global hunger issues

• Promotes satisfaction as we empower people to change the world

• Engages advocacy of local and global hunger issues

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