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Medical Equipment Needs

Please review the list of medical supply needs below.

Most medical equipment requires various accessories to function properly. When collecting medical equipment for donation, please make every effort to find patient cables, transducers, power cords, recorder paper, spare parts, and operator and service manuals. In developing countries, mechanical tables and equipment that are simple to operate and not dependent upon electricity are preferred. Equipment that requires electricity to operate should function on both 50 and 60 Hz and be easily convertible to a different voltage. In general, equipment should not be older than 15 years from the date of manufacture.


Prior to shipping any equipment please contact us at 888-349-5150.

• Anesthesia Machine
• Cast Saw
• Centrifuge
• Defibrillator/Monitor
• Diagnostic Ultrasound with probes
• EKG Recorder
• Electrosurgical Unit (E.S.U)
• Endoscopy Equipment
• Exam Lamp
• Fetal Doppler
• Fetal Monitor
• Hyfercator
• Infant Incubator
• Infant Warmer
• Lab equipment and analyzers – (please contact us for more information)
• Laryngoscope
• Microscope – Surgical, Lab
• Monitor – Cardiac, NIBP
• Nebulizer
• OR Lights – Portable, Ceiling Mounted
• Oxygen Concentrator
• Portable X-Ray System
• Radiographic X-Ray Room
• Sphygmomanometer
• Sterilizer – Table Top, Bulk
• Stethoscope
• Suction Pump
• Surgical Head Light
• Syringe Pump
• Table – Exam, Surgical, Delivery
• Ventilator

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