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Medical Missions

Our Medical Missions programs bring nurses and physicians that volunteer their time to countries of desperate need. Many times after a natural disaster or even in just poverty struck areas people do not have access to quality healthcare. We try to change that!



IMPACT WITH HOPE & partners provides urgent medical care to victims of armed conflict, brings emergency relief in the aftermath of natural or man-made disasters and fights deadly epidemics.  When emergencies occur, IMPACT WITH HOPE relies on your support to respond quickly and start saving lives.  You help us provide impartial emergency assistance when a disaster hits.  We contact our partners where the disaster occurs and ask the question –  how can we serve you? Often we are asked for volunteer physicians, nurses, and dentists.  Medical volunteers are asked to fill out applications, sign waiver liability forms, have travel insurance and current licenses.


In addition, IMPACT WITH HOPE requires all medical volunteers to raise support when they travel with our medical teams  These funds are used for expenses related to serving others – travel, room & board, licensers, immunizations and visas – so by donating to our Medical Missions, you are helping doctors, nurses and dentist provide hope and healing to those in need.


If you would like to donate to a specific Medical Mission, or have a specific person you would like to sponsor, just contact us.


Contributions are solicited with the understanding that IMPACT WITH HOPE has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.


The charity will attempt to honor gifts preferenced to support particular heath care providers but the final decision on the use of all funds rests with the charity.

Dr. Jim Bramlett – Chairman of the Board

IMPACT MEDICAL MISSIONS was established in 1981 to assist general surgeons who wanted to volunteer for short-term mission trips. Today, hundreds of volunteer physicians, dentists, and other medical and non-medical personnel work in mission hospitals and clinics around the world.


IMPACT WITH HOPE supports medical and non-medical teams that provide sustainable interventions through networking and partnerships.


IMPACT WITH HOPE collaborates with individuals, health care providers, schools, educators, and churches to develop and build long-term relationships.  These teams deliver services to children and their families who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine.


IMPACT WITH HOPE volunteer healthcare professionals collaborates and aspects of health care delivery and share expertise.


IMPACT WITH HOPE warehouse that provides critically needed equipment and supplies to these medical facilities. Volunteers unpack and prepare medical equipment and medicines, provide transportation, organize patients, and document activities.


IMPACT WITH HOPE ultimate goal in supporting medical interventions is to restore children to full health: emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically through lifestyle evangelism. Achieving this goal will help restore a brighter hope for children and their future.


All medical volunteers must complete the following and usually travel at their own expense.

  1. Complete the Volunteer Application, Photo Release & Liability Waiver.  Please be sure to fill out the application completely and submit your form; a confirmation will appear after you have clicked the submit button.

  2. Send in a copy of your Immunization Records and a Medical Release from your physician.


As soon as you have completed the Volunteer Application, Photo Release & Liability Waiver you will need to send copies of the following as soon as possible:

  1. Providers Records/Credentials

  2. Copy of Current Medical/Clinical License(s) (

  3. Copy of Current Specialty Certification(s)

  4. Copy of Medical School Diploma

  5. Copy of Qualifying Degree (Non-physician Provider i.e., Pharmacist, Nurse Practitioners, etc.)

  6. Current Hospital Affiliation and Attestation Letter from Current Privileging Authority (Employing Agency) Stating Providers Competency and Authorized Scope of Practice.

  7. Curriculum Vitae

  8. Copy of Residency Training Certificate

  9. Abbreviated Credentials File (Interfacility Credentials Transfer Briefs-ICTBs)

  10. Certifications for PALS, BLS, ACLS, ect.

  11. Copy of Passport Information Page (volunteer should bring on deployment but will retain)

  12. Copy of flight itinerary

  13. Country visas, as necessary, for countries you plan to enter/exit on mission

  14. Government-issued photo ID, such as a state-issued driver’s license

  15. Physician letter (if required)


* Required Forms: Volunteer Application, Photo Release & Liability Waiver.


Fundraising Guidelines 

Raising Funds – Suggestions 

Guidelines for Images (pdf)



Additional Information


Basic Medical Guide

Surgical Team Guidelines

Travel Guide

Safety And Security Guide

Websites and Resources on Health and Diseases

Donation Guidelines & Donation Materials Guidelines

Medical Supply Needs

Medical Equipment Needs

Shipping Your Donation

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