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Meet Marwa

Through our LightHouse ministry, IMPACT WITH HOPE has assisted a countless number of children and adults through the Children’s Medical Rehabilitation Program. 

"How is it she is still alive.."

Marwa’s favorite color is purple. To her it’s God’s color He gave her for beauty and peace and a safe place to be. That’s all she knows now but she would like to forget – some of the journey to peace and the time that it took.

It was a meeting that I will never forget. It was on a cold snowy day in a faraway land called Tajikistan. The cold was bitter and stayed in our bones, it even intruded the space where the clinic took place. We had just announced which applications were approved and that all spots for the Children’s Medical Rehabilitation Program were filled. I must admit there was a sense of fear that engulfed the atmosphere when I stood and announced, “Please come back another day.” There I stood, surrounded by culture that I was a bit scared and unsure of. The day was gone the announcement made…and with it came panic and chaos. So many had traveled miles and miles and waited so long. A glimpse into their eyes revealed grief and hopelessness. I thought to myself, “What am i doing, they all need help, what on earth was I thinking, what’s going to happen to me, if I cannot help them?” I started to turn my back to the crowd when fear increased 100 times fold. A man was screaming at the end of the hall. His voice was piercing as he screamed over and over, “I am Aman, you must help my daughter, you must help my daughter, you must help my daughter!” A bit frightening, yes! But in the midst of my fear and all of the chaos, I could hear a gentle whisper in my ear…”listen to this man, his journey with Me has just began.”

As Aman walked towards me, he moved his baby girl from his back to his chest, then turned her face and started pointing to her head. My eyes began to focus to the left side of her head. I could see something bulging then from her head. It was moving with each breathe she took. And then when Aman placed her tiny feet down…she screamed and ran around. Well this almost took my breath away! It was then that I realized, her skin was the only thing protecting her brain. I couldn’t help but wonder…what happened to this little girl, and how is it she is still alive!”

I listened as best as I could – while assessing the little one’s head. Through bits and pieces I was able to understand, that Aman had been wandering for hours getting lost in the snow. He had Marwa strapped to his back not knowing which way to go. And when he finally arrived, the doors to her healing were fastened tight. It doesn’t much matter if it was a bomb that shook her loose or she scooted to far on the window ledge. She fell from three stories and smashed open her head. Pieces of her skull laid on the stones below. It was Aman who watched the little one’s life flow away…and It was Aman who raised his voice to the heavens above. Now, it must have reached the Creator of all, for He heard and answered his call.

Three times did the Lord bring Marwa back from the dead. Three Times! Now let’s speak about this another Time.

It wasn’t as if I didn’t know what to do. It’s the obstacles that seemed too huge..but there is God from above on high who laughs at the follies we think or do. For if you really know Him, you’re quite aware. He’s not too interested in man’s plans nor the religion we do.

So with incredible love, compassion, and care, Marwa’s skull was repaired. Dr. Michael Healy did two successful surgical repairs in 2002 & 2013 at Mercy Children’s Hospital in Toledo. Dr. Michael Barone did two scar revisions at St. Luke’s Hospital, Toledo, Ohio. Then there are, and continues to be, hosts of individuals, doctors and educators who help to mend Marwa along the way.

It was an exciting, but a somewhat sad day, that Marwa said goodbye to us at the LightHouse and was on her way. You see she finally got her Canadian Visa. Wow now that was a day! It was Canadian believers who stopped on there way to pick up Marwa and tow her stuff away. And then Debbie flew in to help them along. But before Marwa left, we were able to read a familiar proverb I’m sure you all know…the one that reminds us to set free something that we love. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was yours. It’s those who have loved something enough to let it go, that can get a glimpse of what Gods love is. Now she’s back in the care of her father, who never gave up and never will.

For you see, God has Aman and Marwa on a journey that He’s prepared His way. There is really not much we can do but stay out of His way. However, we can pray and do our part to pave the way.

So if you ever are in fear and chaos abounds your way and you are not quite sure of what to do…listen, for you just might hear in your ear, a gentle whisper that says…”Listen, for their journey with Me has just began, now do your part to help them along.”

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