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IMPACT WITH HOPE recognizes that clean water and fresh food is needed worldwide but these are not the only needs of humanity. Medical Assistance and Education, Homes and Jobs are very real needs as well. IMPACT WITH HOPE intends to facilitate all needs and thus provide a set of programs to remedy such requirements.

"All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along."

~Galatians 2:10

Manna Meals that Matter is IMPACT WITH HOPE'S most fervent charge in the fight against world hunger. These meals are designed to approach two issues; supply good, healthy foods and provide the needed vitamins those foods cannot supply on their own.


These meals are specially formulated to be filling, healthy and have the added vitamins that are needed but not easily found in everyday foods. If you wish to know more about the Manna Meals that Matter Program click here for more details.


IMPACT WITH HOPE also helps to find financial solutions to needed medical procedures and assistance. There are three programs in place, the first being affectionately called The LightHouse. The Lighthouse is a place that helps families stay with their loved ones that have traveled long distances for medical help and aid. The LightHouse operates in tandem with Medical Rehabilitation Program to facilitate recovery and education while in a home atmosphere.


The Children's Medical Rehabilitation Program is designed to find funding for children who need medical procedures. This program will help to locate the correct doctors and teams of medical providers. This is a core foundation of our Medical Mission.


Most Needed

Funds donated to our "Most Needed" section go to just that, whatever our ministries needs funding most whether it's helping a family in need whose home burnt down, to someone dealing with unsurmountable medical needs, or even just things that need to be done with our facilities to improve operations and help serve more people. This gift gives us some flexibility to do what we need to with the funds provided.

Manna Meals That Matter.jpg

Funds from this gift go towards providing hungry families here locally as well as around the world food and nutrition when they need it most. Many times these meals help local families that cannot feed their children in some of the porrest areas of Toledo and surrounding areas. This gift ensures they will not go hungry.


The Lighthouse is our headquarters. Funding to the lighthouse goes directly to the various missions that run from our Lighthouse. Many times the Lighthouse is used for lodging those here for medical services from doctors who are providing services to them. This is an important ministry as it does cost a lot of money to care for people by providing food, clean linens, personal care items, and other items they could not bring.

Hurricane Damage - Impact With Hope - Cu

Disaster & Relief Aid goes wherever there is a need. Whether its Haiti, South America, or right here in our backyard like Texas, Florida, or even Toledo. Whenever there is a widespread natural disaster we use this funding to gear up disaster relief teams and transport the necessary relief aid to those areas hardest hit. This helps us distribute aid those in need. Your gift makes this ministry possible.

Dr. Mike Hoeflinger & Dr. Greg Golladay

Our Medical Rehabilitation program funding is used to help with any unexpected medical expenses, travel, and everything else that goes along with caring for someone that just went through a life-changing surgery. Many time patients have traveled across the world to receive the medical care they could not get at home. Your gifts truly help us take some of the burdens off of those trying to recover from these surgeries.

Impact With Hope - Medical Missions - Do

Our Medical Missions funding goes towards planning and executing medical missions in countries all over the world.  It is through this program that we have been able to help people with serious medical conditions that otherwise would not have access to the same level of care or access to care at all.  Your gifts to this program are completely lifechanging for those that receive them. The gratitude these people have is incredible.


The International Hope Center is what we are planning for the future of our organization. We have countless hours of planning into this future project and have determined what we could be capable of with a proper facility in place. Currently, we have outgrown our warehouse several times over which really restricts what we are able to do and the amount of aid we could provide to those in need. Please consider a gift to this program to help us grow!

Impact With Hope - Hurricane Harvey Reli

The Bucket Brigade is a combination of different bucket donations that allow us to specifically target the needs of families all across the world in the event of a natural disaster.  Buckets are stocked with first aid items, food, items for babies, pets, and more depending on the bucket chosen. If you would like to learn more about the different buckets check out our Bucket Brigade page near the bottom of the page all bucket types are listed.


Our Rebuilding and Connecting funding go towards families who have lost their homes face the threat of sickness and increased exposure to the elements. We respond to many disasters with tents, tarps, and blankets providing transitional shelter. This program gives people in need what they need to get by until they can start to get on their feet again. Many times without these gifts they would be left with nothing; no help, no food, nothing.


Our International missions funding goes towards helping people in poor countries make a better life for themselves and become more self-sustaining. This funding could go towards getting a family food such as seeds to grow, livestock, repairs to homes, whatever the need is to try and improve life in some of these poor communities. Many times this funding provides the only access to these types of services for these people.

Kids for web.jpg

This funding goes towards keeping kids "kozy" and warm in the harsh winter months. Many times whether here at home or around the world families that can barely afford food and housing also have trouble providing adequate clothing especially when it comes to warm coats, heavy blankets, and more. It's through this program that we make sure children are never left out in the cold and always have proper winter clothing.


Did you know that there are many areas of the world that clean running water does not exist? Not even for drinking! Many of these areas use the same water the bathe in, wash their clothes in, etc. for drinking simply because they have no other option. Many times this causes horrible diseases that could have easily been prevented with clean water. This program aims to provide villages without clean water just that! Clean water is something we all deserve!

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