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Raising Funds

Raising funds is crucial to making your events a success. No matter what we try to accomplish almost everything requires some sort of monetary cost so knowing how to raise funds effectively and efficiently is important. Below are a number of options to help you raise funds for your event!


Fundraising Ideas

There are hundreds of fun and easy ways to Reach Out & Serve Others by raising funds on behalf of IMPACT WITH HOPE. Whether you want to offer hope to a disaster victim by supporting the Bucket Brigade, provide safe drinking water for a community in need, help a sick child get lifesaving treatment or feed starving families by hosting a Kids Against Hunger Toledo packing party, your fundraising efforts WILL make a difference.


Let’s look at some creative ideas on how you can help:


• Reach Out by holding a bike, trike and car wash – Accept donations to wash any mode of transportation.

• Reach Out by hosting a walk, run, dance or bike-a-thon – Request pledges based on distance or time. Collect donations based on success.

• Reach Out and save lives with your spare change – Provide containers and collect spare change from friends and family. Roll the change and donate it.

• Reach Out and help the environment – Hold a recycling drive to collect newspapers, cans, bottles or other items. Donate the funds obtained from the recycling center.

• Reach Out through music – Organize a benefit concert with professional or school musicians.

• Reach Out and have a movie night- Invite your friends. Make the popcorn and enjoy a video night at home. Donate the money you would have spent on a movie and snacks at a theater.

• Reach Out to our furry friends – Walk a pet for someone in your neighborhood.

• Reach Out and have a talent night – Hold a benefit fashion show, talent or comedy night, or a play.

• Reach out and have a celebration! – Turn a birthday, wedding or anniversary into a special fundraiser by requesting donations to IMPACT WITH HOPE instead of gifts.

• Reach Out and have a yard sale, craft or used book sale – Host your own or organize a neighborhood sale.

• Reach Out by cleaning a house – Donate earned funds toward your favorite project.


Make sure you follow our guidelines when raising funds on behalf of IMPACT WITH HOPE so you and your donors can receive tax receipts and acknowledgments. If you need help or have an idea that you would like to discuss with us, please call our offices at 419-482-8171, Monday through Friday between 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST.

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