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The Chipmunk Story

Ferdinand (the Chipmunk), who speaks: Bird, Spanish, English, and Chipmunkish and some common animal language, is very lively, energetic, social, and very fast. His pudgy cheeks, large, glossy eyes (no glasses) stripes, and bushy tail makes Ferdinand one of the favorites at the Lighthouse. However, he makes some of his neighbors very nervous. Ferdinand is always gathering food and putting it in safe places like rocks, and logs, where he can hide from predators like hawks, foxes, coyotes, weasels, and snakes and little two year old humans. He likes insects (ewe!), nuts, berries, seeds, fruit, and grain which he stuffs into his pudgy cheek pouches and carries it to his family and friends burrow or nest to store. Ferdinand loves to hibernate (sleep or go be by himself at times), but instead of storing fat, he occasionally dips into his cheeks that are full of nuts and seeds throughout the winter so that he can stay alive.

Remember it is spring at the LightHouse and Herbert and Morning Glory are looking at all the critters and humans. They are watching for danger, but Herbert is also very curious about his neighbors; however, Morning Glory is very busy watching over her new twins, Lily and Ben.

“Morning Glory, you will not believe what is happening under the Gazebo”, says Herbert, “I have spoken to Ferdinand and he is not listening or understands. “Do I really have to listen to this right now, Herbert”, asked Morning Glory, “The twins are hungry and I am very busy.” “But Morning Glory, Ferdinand is……”, Morning Glory flies away to get food for the twins. So Herbert continues to watch and mumbles to himself. He is running around doing just what?

“Ferdinand” says Herbert, “You are running around like you just got home.” “Herbert, I have a lot on my mind”, says Ferdinand, as he scampers by. “There is a lot going on and a lot depends upon what I am doing and how fast it gets done. I just got back from a long missionary trip on the other side of the pond. I could not communicate with anyone so now I have a lot to do. You know that we chipmunks like to spend time alone”, Ferdinand continues:

“There’s the family or should I say families living under the Gazebo and it is up to me to make sure everyone is planning, storing, and working,” he says.

Herbert (the Dove) is fascinated at the way Ferdinand keeps running and talking and working without huffing or puffing. “And you know,” says Ferdinand, “we need more room, but where? You see, the human, who is called “BeBe”, that one with the big black glasses, she, keeps planting and planting. She plants flowers and plants, those big sticks with leaves (I think they are called trees (los arboles), and she even dug a big hole and put fish in it! And if that wasn’t enough, she made the hole bigger and now I cannot find where I put the food I stored. If she would spend more time planting vegetable gardens then we would not need to work so hard for food (Ay ay ay!). Herbert (says Ferdinand), now, what exactly is the purpose of Fish anyway? Los peces (fish), now, what do they do…they just swim around and the human and those little ones feed them!

I must admit I do like the new rocks, plus, there is water, and lots of places to hide. I can let all the other family members know there are some safe places to hide near the water. I probably need to warn them about the big frogs (las ranas grandes) and their tongues (sus lenguas). Oh Herbert, I need to get going. Muchas gracias (Thank you very much) for worrying about me.

As Ferdinand scamper by he screams out loud to Hebert, “Oh By the way me amigo (my friend) I have no fear! My PaPa and creator in heaven is my refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. Therefore I will not fear.”

All of a sudden Ferdiand lets out a shrill, “Peligro (Danger)! Peligro (Danger)! The Big, Big, Very Big dog named LuLu is on the loose! Herbert (says Ferdinan), I have to go and warn the little ones (los pequeños). (Ferdinand yells to Georgina) “Georgina, mi Amor, el perro grandisimo, muy muy grande perro (very very very big dog) está andando suelto (is on the loose). Hide los pequeños (the little ones), all eight of them under the Gazebo, and let mi madre and mi padre know. Sound the Alarms!”

As Ferdinand scampers to the Gazebo, he is thankful that BeBe planted the Gazebo. It is a safe place for him, his family, his grandparents, his extended family (all the aunts and uncles) and friends.

(BeBe laughs) The LightHouse is full of activity. Humans, animals and every living creature is either running for their lives or chasing the Big, Big, Very Big Dog Lulu who is a Great Dane. And now Zoe the Siberian Husky has gotten loose!

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