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Where the Cotton Grows & The Roses Bloom

Over the past several years I have been thinking about all the critters and humans that our heavenly PaPa has placed at the Children’s Lighthouse. I have grown to love them all, even though, the critters and the humans tend to create an array of spontaneous uprisings. Spring seems to bring out the celebration in everything at the Lighthouse.

There is a Humming Bird named Jewels, who tends to get stuck in the green house quite often; then there are Simon, Sadie, Maggie, and Peter (all kitty cats) who know little about catching mice but love to watch birds and create chaos at night. Daisy Doo is another kitty cat, who walked up the driveway one day, and never left.

She almost got hurt when she escaped and somehow ended up in the fence where LuLu (the Great Dane ) and Zoe (the Siberian Husky) eat and play. Zoe is a good friend to a little human with big brown eyes and twinkle toes. Herbert and Morning Glory are Doves that just had twins named Lilly and Ben, and the Sparrow family has a little one named Faith, who has a broken wing that is on the mend.

We cannot forget Alexander, a beautiful little butterfly who has too many sore throats and will need surgery to make him get better. Aziza the cricket with a bean sprout hairdo, just had surgery and is friends with Lilly, Ben, Alexander, Destyna and Edvige, who is a fish and wants to become a mermaid when she meets our heavenly PaPa…and the story goes on and on with many others.

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