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Itsy, Bitsy and Ditsy at the LightHouse

Itsy, Bitsy, and Ditsy are young hummingbirds that were born at the LightHouse. They are wonderful little creatures and each one has its own personality, not to mention attitude. Itsy is sensitive, shy and and a bit timid. Bitsy is very cautious, always analyzing everything. And then there is Ditsy; she is over-confident and very brave. She is usually the one who checks out everything at the urging of her siblings.

Their favorite places to hang out are the baskets over flowing with sweet smelling lavender flowers at the entrance of the LightHouse and the hummingbird feeder in the large tree next to the greenhouse.

They are the smallest birds living at the LightHouse and are the only ones that seem to be able to fly forwards as well as backwards. Itsy, Bitsy, and Ditsy can do almost anything when they are flying. They act like little clowns, as they make incredible mid air acrobatics, dashing and darting amongst each other. They provide the inhabitants at the LightHouse with loads of entertainment. However, sometimes their folly gets them into trouble, especially when they are looking for a little sugar water or see something of interest that points them to a place of danger. It was the bright red flowers that caught little Ditsy’s attention on one beautiful afternoon.

The hummingbirds had only been away from their nest for a few days when Itsy, Bitsy, and Ditsy finally noticed the greenhouse. To their surprise, the greenhouse was full of stunning red flowers, and bins of seeds, and red sugar water. Their mother had warned Itsy, Bitsy, and Ditsy several times about greenhouses and closed spaces. She even told them they would most likely die if they attempted to fly inside anything with windows and doors.

It was the door to the greenhouse that seemed to intrigue the hummingbirds. It was always closed, but now it was open. Itsy, Bitsy, and Ditsy had quite the conversation about this open door. Why did the humans leave this door open? Was it a trap to catch them? Should they go through the door and check out the flowers? Why was a bin of sugar water there? They were so busy talking that they missed the word of caution from Hope, a white dove that recently took up residence in the greenhouse.

It was Ditsy, the brave, confident one, that could not resist the temptation. She was so fascinated by the red flowers and their fragrant nectar that she simply did not hear or chose not to heed Hope’s cooing words of caution. Itsy and Bitsy watched as Ditsy fluttered her wings, put her long thin beak high in the air and flew into the glass room!

Everything seemed to be going quite well with her venture until little Ditsy tried to leave the greenhouse. When she couldn’t find her way out, little Ditsy started flying up to the glass ceiling to try and escape. That’s when she started to panic. Itsy and Bitsy watched as little Ditsy franticly flew up and down and back and forth.

“Help! Help! Help! There is no way out of here! Help me!” screamed Ditsy.

Itsy and Bitsy were frantic, “What is going to happen to our sister, Ditsy? Mama told her not to go into that place. She was right! There is no way out and it is hot and look at that big white dove…this is scary!” chattered Itsy and Bitsy. “She was warned!” And now she was stuck!

“Oh God!” screamed Itsy and Bitsy. “Ditsy is going to die! She’s been in there much too long! Oh no, she is hitting the glass again! “

All of a sudden, Itsy and Bitsy noticed the human called BeBe. “There is a baby hummingbird caught in the greenhouse,” yelled BeBe. “That ditsy bird! We need to get her out right away! She is crashing into the glass and will break her neck.” BeBe called Marwa and ask her to bring the pool net. BeBe thought, maybe, just maybe they could catch the ditsy little hummingbird in the net and then take her to a safe place so she could fly away. BeBe noticed that little Ditsy was getting too exhausted to fly. Marwa handed BeBe the net just in time to catch little Ditsy.

Shuhra, Marhamat, Marwa, and Esther watched as BeBe gently reached in and pulled Ditsy from the net. Everyone was amazed at how tiny the hummingbird was. They were even more astonished by Ditsy’s bright colors.

BeBe smiled at the tiny bird and whispered a quiet prayer, “Oh Lord, please let this ditsy hummingbird fly away. Let her live, let her enjoy her time at LightHouse.”

It was an answer to prayer, when Ditsy began flapping her tiny wings! Then, she flew to the bird feeder hanging in the large tree that was just a few feet away from the greenhouse. It was the same feeder where the three hummingbirds loved to hang out. Itsy and Bitsy were full of excitement to see their sister alive and well. They were reminded of God’s provision during times of distress.

God shined his favor upon little Ditsy that one beautiful afternoon, He provided a way out of her circumstances that was totally unexpected, and He will provide a way out for all of us. When we feel trapped and abandoned remember this, “… God has said, ‘Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5-6

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