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Impact With Hope - Tacloban, Phillipines Mission Trip 2014

On February 3, 2014 the ISOH/IMPACT team arrived safely in Tacloban and rested for a few hours before opening the clinic. On the first day of the clinic in Basey, Philippines, the medical mission team saw about 220 patients. Even the youngest faces in the crowd were thankful for the help. As the children surrounded Jessica, Linda and Danielle entertained them with songs. The temperature hovered in the upper 90’s with extreme humidity. The rain shower toward the end of the day helped provide a bit of relief.

Even though day one was challenging for the team members and Yolanda survivors, the team was able to stand strong and help those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

As the team was driving to their second day of the medical clinic, the scenery was filled with devastation; houses destroyed, a ship was in the middle of the island from Typhoon Haiyan, and the land was overflowing in debris. A few of the pictures show the remains of Leyte Park Hotel’s marina and pier. As the team took in all the various scenes of devastation, they continued to pray for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

February 4-7th ISOH/IMPACT and Yolanda Haiyan Disaster Relief joined forces with many other groups of physicians and dentists in the Philippines. They traveled to Basey, Palo, and Tacloban in the Philippines where they held a medical clinic for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. They were able to serve 1864 families over four days. Not only did they provide medical care but they were able to share the love of Jesus Christ, provide a shoulder to cry on, and encourage those who were still mourning over their lost loved ones.

This was an answer to Delia’s prayer! It was a few weeks before the team left for the Philippines that they received an urgent email from Malaysia on behalf of Shiela and her mother Delia. While Linda thought it would be impossible to find Delia in the rubble of Tacloban…she felt compelled to try. It was the day that the clinic stopped early that they decided to try and find Delia. Believe it or not they were able to find Delia and Sheila within moments. When they finally met, it was a combination of laughter and tears and an expression of unbelief. Delia kept saying “you are here!” Rebecca, Ginny, Yvonne and Linda were also amazed that they found Delia. Delia prayed and God answered those prayers! God compelles us to pray and compells others to become the answer to those prayers. Delia was shy about her needs – she knew that there many families suffering from the recent Typhoon. However, she finally took them to her home…that is where they had a reality check. There are no words that can explain her living conditions. Delia needed a roof and a floor. ISOH/IMPACT donated funds towards those two projects. Little did they know that Delia and her family would move so fast to get most of the work done. Verifying the work with pictures and receipts. In order to finish this project they will need $500 – $1,000.

A crew of ISOH/IMPACT team members, along with Baptist Men of New Washington Evangelical, were able to salvage a chaotic yard near Frog’s Hollow and create a beautiful vegetable garden. This project cost approximately 23,000p and was funded by a generous donor of ISOH/IMPACT. This garden is one of many ways we can reach out and help the communities regain what Yolanda took away. We ask that God bless this garden and replenish it in full as it will provide for many families.

Steve, Darrell and John were able to paint three classrooms at Polo Elementary School during there stay in New Washington, Philippines. ISOH/IMPACT is currently raising funds for the remaining classrooms and plan to paint them over Polo Elementary School’s summer break. They were also able to provide funding for the school shelter to be fixed. This project is in the making and ISOH/IMPACT will continue to provide updates to the community, as the stages of the project are complete.

The Alabaster Jar – it was the third day in Talcoban, the team was ready to go – and was quite anxious to get moving. So with just a few moments in time at her disposable, Linda gave a brief explanation about Mary and her alabaster jar. In This simple and profound act of devotion, Mary gave Jesus everything. Her future, her hope for a future, her financial security, her status in society, her reputation and pride. Linda then asked the team a few questions, “What is in your alabaster jar? What is your most prized possession?” The team’s repsonse was unanimous…their family. “Would they part with their family?” Another unanimous…no! But, what if we were asked to give or had our love ones taken from us. What would our response be? How would we minister to the ones who have lost everything?

Please continue to pray for wisdom, insight, strength, unity and good health for the team, reach out a helping hand, and share words of encouragement and love.

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