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The LightHouse is full of adventure and times of learning. There has been so many discussions about fear, it was decided that a moment in time was needed to have a simple conversation addressing…fear. Bravely and somewhat loudly, BeBe was explaining to the youngins that everyone is afraid at some point in time – even when we are experiencing good things. She went on to speak those powerful words in 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” ” We just have to trust in God!” Then all of a sudden it became quite clear that FEAR had invaded the pool at The LightHouse, in the form of a bullfrog. This bullfrog was as big, bigger than BeBe’s hand , it was green, slimy with the ability to swim and croak at the same time!!!

It took only seconds for the pool to be cleared of the youngins, but the one called BeBe stayed in the pool for she was the one teaching the youngins about FEAR. BeBe called out to Shuhra to get the pool net, but she picked up the one with a big hole in it and then fear and excitement went to a whole new level. The big slimy bullfrog kept slipping through the hole of the net and then Zoe the Siberian Husky started running in circles trying to catch the bullfrog and LuLu the great Dane started chasin Zoe. And then the big slimy bullfrog started croakin and swimin towards BeBe. Keepin her self control….BeBe began yelling for Jessica to come and help and commanded Shuhra to please get the net without the hole. All the kids where screaming out warnings to BeBe! ” Get out of the pool cause that big green slimy bullfrog is going to get you!” Just when all hope seemed to be gone, Shuhra was able to catch that big old green slimy bullfrog and throw it into the large pond over yonder. BeBe took a deep breathe and thanked the good Lord for sparing her from the indignity of that bullfrog landing on her head. The youngins wanted to know if BeBe was afraid. She just smiled and kept right on swimming.

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