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Ukraine War Update—February 26, 2022

Brethren from Ivano-Frankivsk have crossed the Polish border but only women and children could go. I’m not sure about the status of other brethren from Kremenchug as they are evacuating. The reports from the refugee camps in Poland is disheartening. The camps are full and refugees will be transferred to the Czech Republic and Moldova.

“Maria” is our consignee in Kremenchug and has long worked with Jerry Max Morgan in shipping. When Russia started the war, she was already in Poland to arrange receipt of a container shipped to her. So, she started operations for refugees. As Charita was at the Birmingham airport on her way back to NJ, she sent this report about Maria and her work:

Received a heart-breaking voice message from Maria. I started crying at the airport. Her voice sounds stressed and it seems she has been crying. Not sure how we can help, but I called my cousin, he lives in Poland asked him if he could help purchasing items in Poland and deliver it to Maria. My heart is breaking…”

At this point Poland’s ability to accept refugees is almost exhausted. They have filled all schools and available locations for temporary lodging. They need blankets, bedding, food, etc. for the flood of refugees arriving.

I have contacted Christians in Poland and they are eager to assist. Here is a wonderful message from brethren in Poland:

Greetings from Wroclaw, Poland! Yes, our congregation would be honored to be included in distributing help in as much as we are able. In reference to the shipment in Gdańsk, 2 names come to mind of brethren near there that could help – Molly Dawidow in Sopot. And Robert Nowik in Gdynia. Sopot, Gdańsk & Gdynia are the tri-cities in the North of Poland. We are in the West/Southern part (closer to Czech & Germany). Another congregation is in Warsaw where Lukasz & Nicole Kondracki live. In the center of Poland there is another missionary family in Lodz – Brandon & Jessica Zorn. In other cities, there are individual Christians & contacts. Thank you for sharing with us about these wonderful plans. Praying God will stop the war soon, and that our Christian Ukrainian brethren can get to safety & have what they need. Greetings in Christ, The Bartczak family”

Unfortunately, the men that had traveled to Poland were unable to stay because they were conscripted to fight for Ukraine. Andrew Lagno sent this message: “Thank you for your prayers. Ivan and I sent the women by car. They are now crossing the border. Ivan and I are returning to Frankivsk.

Received some updates from Starry Lysets/Lysets area from Vova & Julia in Lysets:

Thank you for your prayers and support. Last night, one missile crashed in Liska, and another was destroyed by our military aircraft (the pilot opened fire on himself, he lost the plane but survived). No building in the city was damaged last night. the church building is also undamaged, I was there today. (checked if everything was in order). We will be in touch.”

The latest word from Tanya as they try to settle in Poland:

In the road to Krakiv. Have had broth for lunch and feel good. Christie, Uliana’s daughter, and her father-in-law are coming to see us and take to Vrotslav. I don’t know if we will stay there. We haven’t exchanged any money yet so the office cash has been used. Hope you are having a great day. Love to all, Tanya”

Actions in progress…

1. We continue to receive word that individuals, schools, congregations and other groups are collecting for Family Buckets and Personal Hygiene Bags. The Columbia, TN folks received a great donation from Lowes—1,000 buckets with lids! Those looking for donations of buckets should contact your local stores as well! Columbia, TN will be a collection site along with others in Montgomery, AL; Columbus, MS; Holly Springs, MS; and Searcy, AR. We will continue to update these locations.

2. We are continuing to receive confirmation that cargo container loads are being donated and Charita is working on logistics.

3. We received communication from the military hospital in Ternopil, Ukraine asking us to send a container with misc. med supplies. This will go into Poland’s port and then be trucked to the hospital. This will load out of Montgomery ASAP.

4. We are waiting until after the weekend to hear further communication on the transportation of relief commodities via the USAF.

5. We are receiving generous donations that will help us purchase items for the buckets/bags or assist with any transportation costs. If you would like to donate to this cause, you can do so on Dalraida Church of Christ’s website.

What You Can Do

The biggest hurdle we face right now is finding help delivering/sending the collected items to Poland and other areas for refugees. Obviously, with the fighting, it causes some delay in getting responses.

We are asking everyone to contact your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives asking them to help push through our request for transport assistance with USAF flights into Poland. Make sure and tell them you are working and supporting me (John L Kachelman, Jr, UKRAINE MISSIONS, Dalraida Church of Christ, Montgomery, AL) and that we have containers loads of critically needed commodities ready to go and that we have operations up and going in Poland.

We have what is needed but need Congress to help us get it there quickly. Please contact via email and phone their offices.

We have FIVE container loads ready to go: 2 with Enriched Rice Protein Meals; 1 with Bedding; 1 with Clothing; 1 with misc. commodities of hygiene, clothing, and shoes. These can be shipped yesterday!

Lilly Mae Berkhalter carries a box of bucket items where the Columbia, TN Graymere Church of Christ will pack Family Buckets for Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

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