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Ukraine War Update - Pray For Ukraine

Hi Linda, Hope you are doing well. Thank you for your partnership in addressing Ukraine’s vulnerable.

Here is a brief update from today. Beginning this week we need to start moving humanitarian aid into Poland for Ukrainian refugees and to go inside Ukraine.

Today I received this bit of news: NN says he has about 400 children in his camp in Yaremche. He says he doesn’t have enough food. Kids are so frightened that every time they hear the noise they hide under tables, chairs, beds… We have our coordinator for Ukrainian humanitarian efforts in Poland (Tanya).

We have an active refugee relief operation going on with one of our consignees from Kremenchug who was in Poland to receive a cargo container we shipped to her (Maria). Maria jumped in and started working with refugees and was the first organized operation. We hope to begin shipping this week.

Charita is working on possible FedEx airlifts and I am working with DOS/DoD contacts for USAF airlifts. Charita has made contact with the Embassy of Ukraine in Gdansk and we are assured of full cooperation in getting commodities inside.

There is also assurance that we can get commodities transported into Ukraine to locations in great need. So this is great news for today. Pass on to those in your group that positives are being made! We look forward to working with you!

Thanks, John

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