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Volunteer Opportunities

With our many different programs we have a lot of different volunteer opportunities that everyone can help out with. Here you will find some of the common volunteer opportunities we offer and how you can go about getting involved. 



Preparing for tomorrow is always the first priority and requires a constant reassessment of changing political and social environments. Desiring to enhance its long term visibility, viability, and credibility, IMPACT WTH HOPE and partners have successfully solidified the capabilities of mobilizing volunteer network systems in the national and international arenas.



Volunteers of diverse skills are needed to make IMPACT WITH HOPE and partners successful. We seek operational talent, educators for tutoring, volunteers to work on graphic design, marketing, and communications, computer and facility maintenance, commodity and service solicitation, and help with clerical duties. IMPACT WITH HOPE and partners also seek health care professionals, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, general contractors, professional painters, and masons.



Community Development—Groups are welcome to volunteer for special events. IMPACT WITH HOPE  seeks groups for sorting, packaging, and sorting inventory of donated commodities, commodity pickup, and transport, yard work, and landscaping, gardening, arts and crafts for special events.



Manna Meals That Matter —this outreach program helps to teach compassion to children who do not have enough knowledge about disasters and the impact they have on the lives of children they may not know. Compassion makes an impact when children are involved in helping other children who are victims of hurricanes or other disasters. Teachers, parents, and significant others can help them understand the effects that disasters have on children similar to them. Children can collect items to send, write encouraging notes to children who have lost all their possession—or just become a friend.


Bucket Brigade - This outreach program heavily targets disaster relief efforts in areas that need easy access and safe storage of first aid items, cleaners, food, animal food, and a lot more. For details on our Bucket Brigade sub-programs head over to that section of our website to learn more.


You can check out the various sub-programs of the Bucket Brigade below as well:


Generic Bucket Brigade Labels

Operation Keeping Kids Warm and Kozy Thru The Winter

Operation Refugee Relief

Operation Cleanup

Operation Feed A Family

Operation Baby Care

Operation Personal Care

Operation Puppy Care

Operation Kitty Care



In order to volunteer, we will need both of the forms below completed and turned in along with a photo ID.

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