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Where We Serve

IMPACT WITH HOPE has been serving here in the Toledo area and around the world through our strategic partnerships for many years. With your support we are able to help keep the hungry fed and provide the medical care the sick need so desperately. Check out all of the areas you helped us make an IMPACT WITH HOPE on over the past years.

Being based in Perrysburg, Ohio we serve the greater Toledo area most commonly. Its through our Manna Meals That Matter program that we help feed the hungry children living not only here in Toledo, Ohio but all over the world.

Its always amazing to see a child's face light up when they know they are a meal coming their way. Its also quite sad to know that hunger strikes even people right here in Toledo. Everyone hears about starvation around the world but they never realize how real it is until they see it with their own eyes. 

Manna Meals That Matter is our meal packing program the provides nutritious Oatmeal, Macaroni & Cheese, and Rice Pilaf to help feed the hungry here at home and around the globe.

Through our Manna Meals That Matter program we also help feed the hungry all throughout the world whether its here in the Americas, Africa, Asia, or even Europe, our meals go to helping areas that are in desperate need to meals.

Many times after a natural disaster we are not only providing meals through our Manna Meals That Matter program but we are also collecting and distributing much needed clothing, hygiene supplies, medical supplies, and more.

When a disaster strikes chances are we have been planning what we are going to need to do to help out the effected areas in advance so we can be ready to send our teams of volunteers there.

The images shown on this page show all the areas we have helped over the years in some shape or from whether it be with food, disaster relief aid, medical care, you name it!

If you are your organization wants to get involved please get in touch with us!

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